UPPA Board Members 2017-2018

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President Emily Boles
President Elect Whitney Zapffe
Treasurer   Colleen Edmondson
Treasurer Elect Rochelle Mayfield
Secretary Shannon Sonnier
Fundraising Chairperson Jamie Buis
Fundraising Chairperson Ashley Blurton
Fundraising Chairperson Tiffany Brooks
Fundraising Chairperson Whitney Zapffe
Fundraising Chairperson Elect OPEN
Fundraising Chairperson Elect OPEN
Fundraising Chairperson Elect OPEN
Fundraising Chairperson Elect OPEN
Membership Chairperson Amy McMahan
Membership Chairperson Leigh Mundinger
Publicity Chairperson Adrienne Pulliam
Publicity Chairperson Sarah Hall
Website Communications Chairperson  Holly Ramundt
Programs/Speakers Chairperson Kate Simons
Meetings Host Chairperson Kate Nunley
Hospitality Chairperson Carolyn Longino
Hospitality Chairperson Audrey Robertson
Children’s Activities Chairperson Brittany Dyer
Children’s Activities Chairperson Lindsey Dyer
Community Service Chairperson Jae Carpenter
Parents Parties Chairperson Abby Ruth
Parents Parties Chairperson Stephanie Wilson
Progressive Dinner Chairperson Ali Treaster
Progressive Dinner Chairperson Catherine Baldwin
Family Events Chairperson Sara Fay Egan
Family Events Chairperson Lauren Inman
Family Events Chairperson Jamie Whatley
Mom's Night Out Chairperson Olivia Mueller
Mom's Night Out Chairperson Anya Lucia
Kinder Events Chairperson 2017 Natalie Greco
Kinder Events Chairperson 2017 Elizabeth Merkle
Kinder Events Chairperson 2018 Kelley Christian
Playgroups/Small Groups Chairperson Courtney Taylor
Playgroups/Small Groups Chairperson Susan Claycombe
PTA Liason/ Pay to Play Parties   Jen Clifton

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